Clinical Microtome cryostat
Clinical Microtome cryostat

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Code : MC5050

MC 5050 semiautomatic rotary microtome cryostat for clinical and research applications

  • Dual freezing system with UVC lamp decontamination and automatic defrosting.
  • MC 5050 is provided with disposable blade holder, anti roll device and adjustable cutting angle.
  • Easy to operate, all function are settable through keyboard.
  • The motorized coarse feed control is accessible through a separate control panel touch screen.
  • The touch-screen display gives all unit status in a glance.
  • Ergonomic, attractive and modern design features rounded corners and easy-to-use joystick.
  • Freezing chamber is wide and spacious. 


Touch-screen Easy clean Temp. control Programmable Top quality



1 pz
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